Integrating solutions for the agroindustrial complex

The P.A.Sys core business is the conceptual development and assistance in the implementacion of the agroindustrial projects fot he production and industrialization of different feedstocks for the bioenergy production.

Basic Design and Feasibility / FEED

Concepts of greenfield projects and/or retrofit through technical-economical feasibility studies, that can be followed by a FEED (Front End Engineering Design) to increase the accuracy of the investments' estimates and of its return.

Due Diligence and Valuation of Enterprises and Projects

Planning and execution of Due Diligence en empredimientos in existing or projected agroindustrial enterprises, aiming their valuation according to their operational results.

Assistance, Diagnosys and Troubleshooting

Assistance in the implementation of agroindustrial projects (owner's engineering), in the purchase of equipament & systems, in the assessment and analysis of industrial cosrs and, also, in operation troubleshooting.

Projects Implementation Management

Suppliers development
Analysis of suppliers' proposals
Purchase assistance
Supervision of manufacturing, assembly, comissioning an start-up
Specification of training needs
As built documentation

About P.A.Sys Engenharia e Sistemas

Our services

  • Feasibility
  • Valuation
  • Conceptual Project (FEED)
  • Implementation Project
  • Consulting and Assistance
P.A.Sys Engenharia e Sistemas is a genuine Brazilian engineering and consulting company, involved with important projects in this area in Brazil and abroad, currently formed by a team of professionals with vast experience in agro-industry, especially with the sugarcane agro-industry.
The company’s core business is conceptual and basic engineering and implementation consultancy for agricultural and industrial projects for feedstock production and industrialization into sugar, ethanol, electricity and co-products, seeking for the integration of customized technical and commercial solutions to fulfill specific demands of unique projects. Besides, the company has expertise to offer consultancy for Projects and Businesses Valuations, applying for such its own tools and analytical processes, and include the performance of Technical Due Diligences, considering the agricultural and the industrial activities in separate or integrated. Finally, the company is also up to offer a wide range of capacitating training programs on the agro-industry sector.
Beyond its own team with solid educational background and experience in feedstock production and respective industrialization into sugar, ethanol, electricity and co-products, the company counts also on strategic partners that form up a multidisciplinary team of professionals and complementary companies that add up to the companies' expertise and know-how for the creation and management of projects, from their conception and technical-economical feasibility studies thru their effective approvals and installation.

Basic Design and Feasibility / FEED

  • Market studies;
  • Agricultural and industrial planning;
  • Integrated electronic models for agroindustrial simulations;
  • Environmental impacts - Analysis and mitigations;
  • Socio-economical impact analysis;
  • Investment (CAPEX) and operational costs (OPEX);
  • Investment return analysis;
  • Funding.

Agroindustrial Projects

Agricultural Projects

  • Identification of planting areas;
  • Production environment analysis;
  • Production system definition;
  • Dimensioning of machineries and implements;
  • Irrigation project;
  • Manpower needs;
  • Investment & operational costs;

Industrial Projects

  • Technological solutions;
  • Dimensioning of equipaments and systems;
  • Mass and energy balances;
  • Technical specifications of equipaments and systems;
  • Plant engineering.

Risks Analysis

We offer a consolidated view of the agroindustrial enterprise providing more accurancy of results, revealing and quantifying the risk involved related in all project aspects.


Our projects, studies and opinions are based on the best production practices according to international standards, in order to comply with the social, environmental and economical demands.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

Our projects and opinions are based  on the best operational practices and compliance with the legal provisions for each kind of enterprises, regarding the diffetens aspects of Health, Safety, Security and Environment.

Plant Engineering

Selection and sizing of equipaments;
Purchase's specifications;
Procurement assistance;
Analysis of suppliers proposals;
Projects of: plant layout; equipaments' installations; civil construction, piping, power plant & electrical distribution; instrumentation and control & automation.


Equipament Design

Manufacturing drawings for new equipaments and for retrofit of existing one.

Mobile Playstation and Eletronic Models

Development of Mobile Apps for tablets and smartphones as well as electronic models for help the dimensioning and control of the agroindustrial operations.

Qualification and Training

Workshops, lectures and courses held in our office or even in company, to meet the specific demand of human resources qualification. Full Immersion Sessions for new executives coming to the bioenergy sector, specially to sugar and ethanol sector, can be realized.



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